A brief history of ice cores.

4 07 2012

A brief history of ice cores.

Can I say that ice cores are cool? Anyway this is a great article on a climate science pioneer. These ice cores are so valuable in recording historical climate change.

Interesting comment in the article on tropical ice and the collapse of civilisations in South America.

It’s great this kind of work is going on. Would be nice if we got a bit better at listening to this stuff.


A study on human movement and society over continents

3 07 2012

A study on human movement and society over continents

This is a pretty interesting look at a possible causes of how humans interact and how societies have moved and interacted over time. 


As the article points out there are many holes in the research but there is also really good however brief discussion on other human geography factors. 


Humans are complex and this theory is another angle on how and why humans live the way they do

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