Urban Reclamation Amusement Park

12 03 2013


Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. The unfinished parts of a proposed transit network sat about for over 20 years before these guys came up with this awesome park.

Great work


Water Sensitive Urban Design – Just good design really

16 07 2012


Water Sensitive Urban Design (with the really catchy acronym WSUD) is just really good design. Swales and rain gardens help clean water while adding to the overall beauty of an area, form and function. Why waste a resource when you can use it to water street trees, gardens and parks? Call your council or look up their website, see what they are doing in the WSUD space.


Evolution not preservation

5 07 2012

Evolution not preservation


Adaption and resilience takes many forms. Great design like this is out there, its just the mass take up that is missing.

In this building design from China, local materials and traditional design elements are reworked to create a sustainable new building.

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