Los Angeles River

4 08 2012


Great article on Grist about the re-colonisation of the LA River and wetlands. Natural systems just want to get on with what they do, however much we get in the way. It’s cheaper, more sustainable and easier to help nature than try and re-think it.

There have been numerous cities around the world day-lighting rivers and waterways after years of filling them in, diverting water in concrete channels or underground pipes. In South Korea they tore down a whole freeway that had been built over a river, the area is now hugely popular with local residents and is becoming an icon for great urban planning.

In Toronto the Don River was initially a selling point to bring in investment and people. Then when factories had polluted the river enough, the city covered it up, and diverted the water underground, once again advertising to potential investors about their now clean city. Now the Lower Don project by MVVAI is reconnecting people to the river and restoring some of the rivers function.

Climate adaption can mean getting out of the way, not just big engineering projects.




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